YK1 Board of Trustees will put forward a motion on December 9th to continue to operate its five schools in existing grade configurations:

For a financial breakdown of each of the four options as presented by the Board of Trustees, click this link: Facilities Cost/Saving Analysis


Thank you to parents, staff and YK1 stakeholders for attending the Nov. 6th Town Hall Facilities Meeting.

To view public feedback on each of the four options, click on the following:

1. Feedback on Option 1

2. Feedback on Option 2

3. Feedback on Option 3

4. Feedback on Option 4

As well, the Facilities Presentation can be found here: Facilities Presentation

Until then, please continue to send feedback about the four options until Nov. 10th. 
Again, thank you for your ongoing and active participation in your children's education.

Please direct any feedback to Sarah Bradfield, Communications and Administrative Assitant at sarah.bradfield@yk1.nt.ca


As YK1 proceeds with Facilities Consultation, documents and information can be found here for your reference.  Please check back regularly for any updates.


Judgement in court case - CSFTNO v ECE:



ECE School Swap Information Kits


The Process

  1. Formation of the Facilities Committee

The establishment of the Facilities Committee occurred following a series of activities stimulated by a request from the GNWT, Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE). ECE requested YK 1 transfer one of its schools to the GNWT. This request was prompted by a court decision directing the GNWT to provide the Commission scolaire francophone Territories du Nord-Ouest with additional school space.

The request by ECE resulted from the Government’s view that the District’s school utilization numbers are low enough to permit the District to provide suitable programs for all students within four rather than five elementary school facilities. Following an initial rejection of the GNWT’s request, the GNWT requested that the Board re-consider its decision on the matter. As a result of this request, the YK 1 Board of Trustees decided to expand its considerations of the GNWT request, by consulting with the District’s stakeholders and looking at how students might be best served, not simply in terms of facilities, but also in terms of the delivery of appropriate and high quality program and services.

To support the Board’s considerations, the Facilities Committee was established and tasked to complete several specific tasks including the engagement of stakeholders.

The information collected from the public by the Facilities Committee was composed and presented to the Board of Trustees in June through eight Recommendations.  To view the recommendations, please follow the link (link)


ii) Goals of the Facilities Committee:

To guide its work the Committee established a series of goals. These goals included:


1. Identify options for the future use of YK 1 school facilities (including grade configuration);

2. Based upon review, research and comment, provide the District’s Board of Trustees with specific recommendations related to future school facility usage;

3. Engage a broad range of interested stakeholders, including parents, district staff and members of the general community in discussions of future school facility use;

4. Make recommendation(s) related to the Department of Education, Culture and Employment concerns regarding current YK 1 school facility utilization; and

5. Make recommendation(s) related to the Department of Education, Culture and Employment request for the transfer of a school facility to the GNWT


iii) Four principles of the Facilities Committee


 In addition, the Committee members agreed to be guided in their work by four principles


• Reflect the best interests of the students enrolled in the programs and other stakeholders involved in and using our education facilities;

• Encourage improving operational efficiency where possible;

• Result in a sustainable framework for the planning and delivery of schooling over time; and

• Support long-term, planned, redevelopment of existing facilities



1. What if I can’t attend the Town Hall Facilities Meeting on Nov. 6?

If you are unable to attend the upcoming Town Hall Facilities Meeting, or any YK1 public meeting in the future, any feedback, questions and/or concerns can be sent to Sarah Bradfield, Communications and Administrative Assistant at YK1, at sarah.bradfield@yk1.nt.ca (t: 867-766-5050).

Information about YK1 facilities including reports, updates and media releases, can be found on our website at yk1.nt.ca


2. Where can feedback be directed?

The YK1 Board of Trustees encourages the public to be active participants in their children’s education. As such, feedback is always welcome.

Questions, comments and/or concerns can be sent to Sarah Bradfield, Communications and Administrative Assistant at YK1, at sarah.bradfield@yk1.nt.ca. All feedback will be forwarded to all members of the Board of Trustees as well as YK1 Administration.


3. When will a final decision be made about YK1 facilities and programming?

The Board of Trustees will be meeting on December 9th to review and discuss all documentation and stakeholder feedback as it pertains to YK1 facilities. The Board of Trustees will be making a decision based on what they feel is best for YK1 students at this meeting after all information is reviewed and considered.


4. When will potential changes to schools and/or programming begin?

If changes to YK1 facilities are to be made, they will not come into effect until fall of 2015. YK1 is actively working to minimize disruption as much as possible and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the facilities process.


5. Is public feedback considered in Board of Trustees decision regarding facilities?

Public feedback has been, and continues to be, collected and taken into serious consideration by the Board of Trustees. All feedback is valued and will play a role in the Board of Trustees final decision regarding school facilities and programming.


6. Who will be making the final decision about potential changes to YK1 schools and programs?

The seven elected Board of Trustee members will be making the final facilities decision on December 9th. For more information about all of our YK1 trustees, please click on the “Board” tab at the top of our website (www.yk1.nt.ca). The Board of Trustees will be taking the recommendations they received from the Facilities Committee into consideration.


7. What steps have the Board of Trustees taken to ensure a decision is made based on well-informed and researched sources?

The Board of Trustees have received public input from a variety of sources, including publicly distributed surveys, electronic feedback and public Town Hall Meetings. Ongoing conversations with stakeholders about YK 1 schools and programs are considered vital to the Board of Trustees decision making process.

In addition to public feedback, the Board of Trustees continues to consider the recommendations and reports made by the Facilities Committee in June, 2014.

As well, YK1 Administration have been preparing thorough outcomes of each scenario as it relates to what is best for all current and future YK1 students.


If you would like to submit your comments and/or questions please email Sarah Bradfield at:



NOTE:  All comments submitted will be anonymous and confidential