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Couch-potato kids become couch-potato adults: study

A longitudinal study out of the University College London finds that 10-year-olds who watch a significant amount of television are at increased risk to become middle-aged adults who watch too much television. The researchers also found that early childhood and school-based physical activity programs impact not only the child but the child’s family.

 “It’s really important to teach healthy lifestyles early on, from preschool to programs in the schools to every time that child walks into the healthcare office. Sometimes that message does turn that light bulb on for a father or mother or child to say, let’s talk about healthy living,” said an American research who has followed this study.


Cookie Monster: Me Want It But Me Wait

From Video Promo: Cookie Monster spoofs the Icona Pop song "I Love It" in this video. Cookie Monster, the poster-child for someone needing to master self-regulation skills, attempts to explain these concepts while devising personal strategies on waiting to eat a cookie.

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