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Sir John Franklin Drama Presents... Flat Stanley!

January 11, 2016

Miss the production? Check out some of the photos here!

Santa Claus Parade 2015

Students and mascots from all schools showed up to hand out candy and ride the YK1 float. Thanks to parents and staff members who walked with our students. 

Thank you also to Sir John Franklin's student council for for decorating our float - you did a wonderful job.

"WMS Students Walk for Addictions Awareness Week"

November 16, 2015

Students attended a walk and talk session with Godson who spoke to students about addictions.

"N.J. Macpherson Draws from the Mouth"

Why are these students drawing with their mouths rather than their hands? In recognition of mouth artist, Sarah Biffen!

"KDS plays Camouflage"

September 27, 2015

Here we are enjoying the nature space on a gorgeous fall day. We are playing Camouflage. As you can see in these before and after pictures, we are excellent hiders! We are blessed to have a wild space as a place to play and explore.

"Going to Berry Camp"

September 17, 2015

Range Lake North School students had a wonderful time at Berry Camp!


"The Beep Test"

September 17, 2015

William McDonald Middle School students challenge themselves during the 'beep test'; just another way to keep our students healthy and active.


"Making dryfish with Elder Drygeese"

September 9, 2015

Kaw Tay Whee students learn on-the-land knowledge with local a local elder.

"Back to school and busy at KDS"

September 2, 2015

Students at K'alemi Dene School are back and are  busier than ever! On the first day of school, staff treated students to a breakfast filled lunch!


"Aboriginal Honour Ceremony"

June 23, 2015

The Aboriginal Hounour Ceremony that took place at École Sir John Franklin High School on Saturday, June 13th, 2015.

"Today the voting begins! "

June 12, 2015

Grade 6 Mildred Hall Students, Lucia Nakehk'o and Shayla Huynh have  completed a video based on their heritage fair project (Walking with Our Sisters) and submitted it to

They will be judged on a rubric (50%) and public vote (50%). 


The link to Lucia's and Shayla's Walking with Our Sisters video is:



You can simply go to this page and click the facebook button.



"NJM Students Perform 'Treasure Island'

Congratulations to our talented students and everyone involved in the production!

Check out our young stars:

May 29, 2015

"SJF students sew up a storm!"

May 27, 2015

Take a look at what Sir John Franklin High School sewing students have been up to last semester!

Thanks to sewing program organizer Angela Johnston for her leadership



"SJF French Immersion students travel to France"

May 25, 2015

Nous avons eu la chance de passer plus de dix jours dans le confort de la 

France. Après  seulement  six jours passés à Paris et nous avions adopté 

certaines  habitudes.  Nous  avons  apprécié  la  température,  malgré  les 

quelques  heures  de  visite  sous  la  pluie.  Les  lieux  étaient  magnifiques  et 

nous  avons  su  apprécier  la  cuisine  locale  (Hum!  les  crêpes  et  les 

chocolatines). Lorsque nous étions à Avignon, notre tenue vestimentaire en 

a surpris plus d’un. Pendant que le groupe portait des culottes courtes et 

des robes, la population locale revêtait des parkas! Une des journées que 

le  groupe  a  beaucoup  appréciée  fut  la  visite  sur  la  plage  à  Nice!  Il  ne 

manquait que le soleil! La visite de l’Arc de Triomphe, de la Tour Eiffel, des 

catacombes,de l’église Notre­Dame, du Palais de Versailles et du musée 

Océanographique ont été des moments inoubliables!



"SJF French Immersion grows into Spring"

May 20, 2015

Plusieurs plantes commencent à pousser dans la serre de l’école SJF.


"Family Fun Night at Range Lake North a Success!"

May 12, 2015

The 21st Family Fun Night at Range Lake North was a sucess! Thank you to the staff and volunteers and to everyone who participated!

"Range Lake North students sew Northern images together"

May 1, 2015

With the help of YK1 Dene Kede facilitator, Sheila Stewart, a class of Range Lake North students tried their hand at traditional beading. Thanks to the Yellowknifer for their coverage.

"Parents and students at Mildred Hall, Range Lake North School, N.J Macpherson School and École J.H. Sissons School explain what they like about Preschool and Kindergarten at YK1"

April 28, 2015

Hear it for yourself!

Range Lake North School

Michelle and student, Logan, at Range Lake North School:


N.J. Macpherson School

Michelle and daughter, Emma, at N.J. Macpherson School


Montessori Program at N.J. Macpherson School

Myrna and daughter, Mya, at the Montessoir program at N.J. Macpherson School


École J.H. Sissons School

Andrea and her daughter, Sadee, at École J.H. Sissons:


For more information about our Preschool and/or Kindergarten programs, please contact the District Office at (867) 766-5050.

"Educating for Life!"


"RLN students recognized for recycling efforts" RLN School 

April 24, 2015

Olivia Dove, Lois Anderson, Tara Black and Tyson Black of Range Lake North School have been nominated this year and once again have received an award for their continued Recycling efforts. The team of four were recognized for recycling and reusing at City Hall in the Council Chambers on April 21, 2015. They received awards from Mayor Mark Heyck for the 2015 Earth Week Solid Waste in a Public Forum. Tara, Tyson, Lois and Olivia are all active participants in our recycling program at Range Lake North School. This year they have taken on the task of mentoring other students to model how important it is to sort, rinse and count our items to ensure the best health and safety for our students, staff at the bottle depot and of course our environment. Way to Go RLN Recycling Team!!

"Recycling Challenge Competition" - N.J. Macpherson School

April 15, 2015

N.J. Macpherson School has a Green Team, lead by a very dedicated staff member, named Kim McKnight.  The NJ Green Team has grown over the past four years to include over 60 students. Small groups of students willingly give up several lunch recess times to help recycle. For years they have collected, sorted and cleaned our recycling bins, which can often be a nasty job! All juice boxes, cans, plastic, and drink containers in our school are recycled daily. This has amounted to thousands of containers being recycled and saved from the landfill.

Some of money collected from recycling drink containers is used to pay for the cost of recycling paper, box board and cardboard instead of throwing the excess away in the garbage. However, all our paper is reused if possible.  We use it for many things; a lot of art projects start with paper items from our recycling bins. Also scrape paper is made into notepads for our office to use. We also use recycled paper for coloring, drawing and to for use as contest entry forms. 

Taking on a new challenge:

The students mentioned to Ms. McKnight that the city of Yellowknife started a compost project and our students were eager to learn more about this.  Our NJ Green Team used some more of our recycling money to rent a bus and go find out about composting.  Braving the chilly October air, we traveled to the city composting site, and with the help of city staff; we learned how to compost, how compost breaks down, what compost can be used for and how composting is good for our environment. The NJ Green Team decided this was something we could do at our school and used the last of our recycling money to get a compost bin on our school property. Now we have a successful composting program. The NJ Green Team informed all students and staff about what can be composted and devised a system to compost in each classroom.  The NJ Green Team picks up compost from each classroom every day. It is then put in the outdoor compost bin and taken to the city compost site.

We also plan to use the city compost to help grow flowers around our school this spring!




KDS students try their hand at Muskrat Trapping

April, 13, 2015

Ms. Deavu's class had a successful first day of muskrat trapping. They set five traps this morning, had lunch and then checked them on their way home and caught one! What a great start to the week!



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