Student of the Week - Desiree Pitt

Desiree Pitt - Mildred Hall School

Desiree is a role model student who not only holds herself to high standards, but also those around her. Her sense of humour and kind and gentle manner are just a few reasons why she is surrounded by many friends here at Mildred Hall School. Besides being a harder worker in class, she enjoys being a member of the Peacemakers who provide help to the younger students as they adjust to the expectations associated with playing safely and respectfully on the playground. Desiree is the first to lend a helping hand around the school and can be trusted with any task. Her calm demeanour and her positive attitude are two of the many reasons that she is deserving of the “Student of the Week” acknowledgement. She follows the Dene Laws and takes pride in sharing with others, taking ownership for her work, achieving to the best of her abilities and respecting everything around her. Great job, Desiree!