Staff Spotlight - Miranda Currie

Miranda Currie - Mildred Hall School

Miranda exudes energy and enthusiasm that not only brightens everyone’s day, but also creates a positive atmosphere throughout the school. Incorporating Indigenous culture into class lessons is her passion along with playing the fiddle, making learning as hands-on as possible and wearing costumes to reflect the theme of the lessons. Miranda thinks outside the box to engage young learners and creates a buzz of excitement when she works with classes of varying age. We are privileged to have such a great resource person at Mildred Hall School who brings vast knowledge of her culture and is also constantly learning more about the world around her each and everyday. Miranda is loved by the students and keeps her colleagues upbeat and positive with her sense of humour and charismatic charm. Mildred Hall School is fortunate to have Miranda on staff and we are all better people for getting the privilege to work with her every day.