Amelia Trimble - Grade 7 - Mildred Hall School

Amelia is an incredibly responsible student who is always the first to offer a helping hand to those that need it.  She has a terrific work ethic and a drive to challenge herself in all aspects of her school work. Her humorous nature and cheery disposition contributes to a positive and caring school community.

Amelia genuinely gives freely of her time, being kind and considerate to others. She is a very dependable peacemaker who helps educate her peers and younger students about bullying.  Amelia also spends a great deal of time volunteering in the school kitchen, preparing breakfasts and lunches for other students. What makes her a positive role model for other students at MHS is the fact that she is always demonstrating her thoughtfulness of others.  Even to the point of when she finishes her own work she is always willing to help out her classmates.

Amelia understands and naturally demonstrates the Mildred Hall School expectatino of "SOAR" and continues to be an exemplary student in every way, every day. We are very proud of Amelia!