Letter to YK1 Parents - School Support Declaration Form

2017 Tax Assessment notices have been sent home by the City of Yellowknife to all property owners. As a property owner you have the choice of where your school taxes are allocated. Benefits to specifically directing your school tax dollars include continued funding for all the outstanding programs available to YK1 students, including French Immersion, Indigenous Education, Montessori, Athletic Excellence, Music, Drama, Advanced Placement, Intensive and Post-Intensive French, and so much more.

Homeowner’s taxes are automatically split between Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (58.86%) and Yellowknife Catholic School District (41.14%) if you do not specify how you want them directed. To have your school taxes allocated to the school district of your choice you must fill out the form enclosed with your tax assessment, or fill out the one attached and submit it to City Hall. Forms can also be sent electronically, to: cityclerk@yellowknife.ca or they can be faxed to (867) 920-5649.  

The deadline for submitting the School Support Declaration form is February 20, 2017.

Thank you for your continued support of YK1 and our programs.

Please click here to view the School Support Declaration Form.