Staff Spotlight - Chantal Hamel-Bouchard

Chantal Hamel-Bouchard - École William McDonald Middle School

This is Chantal's first year of teaching at École William McDonald Middle School, where she teaches Grade 6. Chantal holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Prince Edward Island with a specialization in teaching French as a second language. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Animation et Recherche Culturelles from UQÀM. At École William McDonald Middle School, Chantal teaches French, Math, Social Science and Health to Grade 6 students, as well as Culinary Arts to all students. Her goal is to help each student realize their full potential and to share the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures with her students. Outside of work, Chantal enjoys dance and music. When she was young, a teacher of hers predicted she would become a traveller because she always walked around with a backpack. It's safe to say they weren't wrong, since travelling is also a passion of hers. We're lucky to have Chantal on our team this year!