Staff Spotlight - Carrie Lauder

Carrie Lauder - École Sir John Franklin High School

Carrie is a charismatic and versatile educational assistant who works in École Sir John Franklin High School's Knowledge and Employability program. Originally from Ontario, she has been working at the high school for over nine years now. Her capacity in both group-support and one-on-one situations makes her a valuable member of this high-caliber team. According to assistant principal Peter Curran, who worked closely with Carrie a few years ago to deliver a Grade 11 English program, "it is Carrie's balance of subject matter knowledge, pedagogical flexibility and real-world sensibility that makes her so effective with her students." Ms. Lauder has also broadened her contributions to the school's extra-curricular program this year. Along with co-advisor Shellie Trimble, Carrie has been working with the Grad 2019 Student Council to plan grad-related meetings, activities and fundraisers. This branch of student council has been a reliable force in our school this year, and we want to thank Carrie for her many contributions to its work.