Traffic and parking lot changes at Mildred Hall School

To all Mildred Hall School and YK1 parents, attached is a letter from YK1 Superintendent Metro explaining some important traffic and parking lot changes that will be in effect at Mildred Hall School when school resumes on Tuesday. Please read this letter in full and obey the new rules in the area. The most important change is that the parking lot is wider now, fenced off and protected by barriers. Please also note that drivers are NO LONGER allowed to access Matonabee Lane from Franklin Avenue as this route is now an "exit only". The City has assisted us by posting "Do Not Enter" signs in the area. Drivers will now have to access the school by taking the alley that connects Matonabee Street to Matonabee Lane before entering the improved parking lot near the teepee. They can then exit the area by turning right onto Franklin Avenue towards uptown, or by going back through the alley that connects to Matonabee Street. A map of the new traffic flow has been attached for your reference. There will also be increased supervision during the first week of school as drivers get used to the new and improved parking lot. Thanks in advance for your cooperation as we try to make our schools and surrounding areas as safe as possible for our students and families. 

Parent Letter: Traffic and Parking Lot Changes at Mildred Hall School