Additional Resources: Distance and Online Learning

YK1 teachers care deeply about their students, and all staff are committed to ensuring your child has the skills they need to be successful. Learning looks different now but rest assured that our teams are working very hard to facilitate this process and finding new ways to support learning for our students and their families. 

Transition to Distance Learning

Distance Learning began on April 14, 2020. YK1's leadership teams have collaborated and worked very quickly to ensure that teachers have the resources they need to shift to this new learning environment. Teachers and students are now establishing new routines. We are all learning in this new way to deliver education. We will continue to improve this process to the benefits of YK1 students and families. 

Extra Resources for Students and Families

If you choose to supplement your child's learning at home, there are many resources available to your family. YK1 is pleased to provide you with the following suggestions for all programs:

Additional Resources: Distance and Online Learning