Deadline Extension: YK1 Bus Pass Sales

To all YK1 families: The company that provides busing services for YK1 students, First Transit, has agreed to extend the deadline for families to purchase 2020-2021 bus passes to September 4, 2020. The original deadline was August 31, 2020. If your family still needs bus passes for the upcoming school year, please email YK1's Director of Corporate Services, Tram Do, at to make arrangements. Please note that First Transit will have reduced hours next week so it's imperative that families reach out to Tram Do directly. We are grateful for First Transit's cooperation and willingness to help families who may still need bus passes for the upcoming school year. 

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*First Transit is located at 107 Kam Lake Road and can be reached at (867) 873-4693. The company will be offering another afternoon of bus sales to the general public on September 3, 2020 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. First Transit asks that only one member per household attend and that they have a recent picture of the student on hand.*