Staff Spotlight - Kari Anderson

Kari Anderson - Mildred Hall School

There is a quote that surfaces from time to time that says “Everything you need to know you learned in Kindergarten” and as we highlight this month's staff member, one has to agree with this statement. If you have ever stepped inside Kari Anderson’s Kindergarten class you would be met with a buzz of excitement. Student centres that change on a monthly basis, themed discovery centres that ooze with imagination, tables filled with inquiry lessons and displays of proud products hanging from every corner of the room. Mildred Hall School feels very lucky that three year ago Kari flew over to join the nest. She brings with her patience, humour and an incredible work ethic. Her love for the littlest "eagles" in the building shines through in every well thought lesson she plans for them. Kids young and old gather in her class at lunches/recess to surround themselves with the love she emits to all those that walk through her door. Current, past and future students are fortunate to become one of Mrs. Anderson’s “kids" and lucky to take with them life long lessons that will benefit them for years to come. Congratulations Mrs. Anderson on being this month’s highlighted staff, a recognition that is well deserved!