Staff Spotlight - Kristan McOuat

Kristan McOuat - Ecole William McDonald Middle School

Ms. Kristan is an integral part of our program support team at Ecole William McDonald Middle School. This is Kristan’s ninth year teaching at YK1 and her fifth year at the middle school. She previously taught a multitude of grade levels at Range Lake North School and also spent a year in Fort McPherson. She is a long-time Yellowknife resident and a local high school graduate of Ecole St. Patrick’s High School. Kristan attended Grande Prairie Regional College and the University of Alberta where she earned a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education. She is currently working to complete her Master's at the University of British Columbia in Curriculum Studies with a focus on Practitioner Inquiry and Place-conscious Pedagogies. Kristan is thoughtful and creative and we thoroughly appreciate the fun activities she helps plan for students and staff at our school!