Student of the Week - Aisha Benning

Aisha Benning - Ecole J.H. Sissons

Aisha Benning is an extraordinary student. We are incredibly lucky to have her here at Ecole J. H. Sissons. Not only is she an academic star, but she sets herself apart with her personality. Aisha is a respectful, polite, empathetic, smiling, positive and helpful student. Every morning, she comes to class in a good mood, ready to learn and take on new challenges. Aisha is an enthusiastic participant in everything she does in class. She is an excellent leader. Academically, Aisha loves learning new things. She is constantly improving, in all subject areas. She works very hard in class, and spends time working on what she's learned at home too, often sharing projects, like stories, that she has written at home with her classmates. Bravo, Aisha! Keep up the excellent work.