Student of the Week - Dawn Hebden

Dawn Hebden - K'alemi Dene School

Dawn Hebden has been chosen as YK1's Student of the Week! Dawn always comes to school calm, alert and ready to learn. She starts every day by reading a book with a teacher, drawing a picture and copying one sentence. She has a great attitude towards learning. When her friends need a helping hand they know they can rely on Dawn. She’s confident, kind and independent. She thinks for herself and is not one to follow blindly. She puts her critical thinking skills to use inside and outside of the classroom. She loves the outdoors and often chooses to go outside when given the chance. Dawn has great oral storytelling skills and often shares stories about her cabin in Dettah. Dawn is open to new on-the-land experiences as well as learning from her peers and Elders. In February, Dawn’s Papa, Edward Abel, skinned a minx with the JK/ K/ 1 class. Dawn was very proud of him. Now it’s our turn to be very proud of you, Dawn!