NJM Reopening: Delayed to May 19, 2021

To all N.J. Macpherson School families: On May 12, the OCPHO rescinded the order to close schools based on encouraging vaccination figures and adherence to public health measures in Yellowknife over the past two weeks. Due to the unique situation at N.J. Macpherson School, however, we understand that it will take longer to return to in-person learning as many staff and families await the results of their COVID-19 tests. After consultation with YK1’s Board of Trustees, the GNWT’s Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE), and school staff, the decision has been made to delay the reopening of N.J. Macpherson School to in-person learning to May 19, 2021. Attached is a letter from YK1 Superintendent/ CEO Ed Lippert further explaining this decision. Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding as we all work towards keeping our school community safe.

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