Staff Spotlight - Arnold Krause

Arnold Krause - Ecole Sir John Franklin High School

For parts of the last six decades the Ecole Sir John Franklin High School brand has been inextricably linked to Arnold Krause. He first appeared on the scene in the 1970s when he attended Akaitcho Hall as a Grade 9 student. Four years later he became a proud member of the Sir John graduating class of 1981. In 1990, Arnold returned to his alma mater to teach. At the time, he taught a variety of courses including Business Education and Math. After being lured to the Department of Education for a few years during the Clinton administration, Arnold returned again to Sir John in 1997 to assume teaching duties in the Career and Technology Department. It was here that he really made his mark. He taught a variety of film and photography courses, both guiding and inspiring a new generation of media arts professionals.

For the last 10 years he has worked primarily in the Student Services Department, helping countless students navigate the sometimes challenging world of high school and preparing them for the transition to young adulthood and the opportunities that await. After many years as both a student and an invaluable member of the staff, Arnold has decided that 2021 will be his last at Sir John. We wish him the absolute best in his retirement; he plans to settle with his family on the west coast.