YK1 Strategic Priorities 2021-2024

As an education body, Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1) recognizes the importance of having a vision and plan for developing lifelong learners. In early 2021, YK1’s Board of Trustees undertook the work of reviewing their vision and Strategic Priorities. Over a series of facilitator-guided working sessions, Trustees, Educational Services, and school administration met to examine the qualities of learners YK1 wants to cultivate, and the important skills and competencies that are needed now and in the future. Over time - with research and collaboration - four important Strategic Priorities emerged that would be further developed as an action plan to guide YK1 in its initiatives and work.

YK1's four Strategic Priorities for 2021-2024 include: 

Click here to access a more detailed backgrounder document that further expands upon these priorities, how they were determined, and how they will be implemented. YK1 will continually review its Strategic Priorities and school improvement plans to ensure they are in alignment so that we can continue to move forward on our journey of lifelong learning.

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