Vaselenak, Cindi - Superintendent of Education/ CEO
Zouboules, Shirley - Assistant Superintendent of Education
Turk, Tracy - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Gibbins, Mike - Communications
Male, Martin - Manager, Technology Services
Browder, Camille - Technology Officer
Simpson, Jason - Technology Officer
Human Resources
Mahe, Stacey - Manager, Human Resources
Do, Tram - Director, Corporate Services
Elliott, Tessa - Financial Coordinator
Hawker, Olivia - Finance Officer / Payroll
Nguyen, Kim - Finance Officer / Payroll
Beaudoin, Elvis - Manager, Facilities and Maintenance
Huber, Veronica - Lead / Float Janitor
Sulejmanov, Arben - Janitor Supervisor
Beaudoin, Norm - Maintenance Personnel
Gacayan, Elmer - Maintenance Personnel
McIsaac, Norm - Maintenance Personnel
Newhook, Gerald - Maintenance Personnel
Lee, Kim - Instructional Coordinator, English Programs
Lee-Lewis, Jodi - Regional Inclusive Schooling Coordinator
Mariez, Jean-Marie - Supervisor of Instruction, French Programs
McConomy, Jeff - Instructional Coordinator, French Programs
Stewart, Sheila - Indigenous Language Teacher and Dene Kede Facilitator
Willoughby, Scott - Indigenous Language and Culture Education Coordinator