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Staff List


Dean MacInnis: Principal

Peter Curran: Assistant Principal

Angela Martin: Assistant Principal

Lindsay Chiasson: Finance & Administrative Assistant

Wendy Malkin: Finance & Administrative Assistant

Kristen Au Johnston: Student Support & Communications Liaison

Student Services

Shaun Doherty: Academic Counsellor & Department Head

Mark Kilbride: Academic Counsellor

Evelyne Straker: Academic Counsellor

Sharon Oldford: Program Support Teacher

Cora Brancato: Program Support Teacher

Jodi Lee-Lewis: Program Support Teacher

Scott Green: Program Support Teacher

Child & Youth  Counsellors

Alexis Ruettnauer: Child & Youth Counsellor

Christie Murphy: Child & Youth Counsellor


Janice Daly


Sonia Longchamps: Languages Department Head

Pam Schlosser: Math Department Head

Susan Shantora: Fine Arts Department Head

Greg Skauge: Career & Technology Studies (CTS) & Physical Education Department Head

Shannon Traynor: Humanities Department Head

Gwen Young: Science Department Head

Kodi Bauldry

Aidan Cartwright

Colleen Cornett

Nathan Doering

Jean-Yves Drouin

Obed Duru

Dylan Eastcott

Mitch Grady

Hannah Griffin

Shamus Hagen

Jen Hubert

Michelle Julian

Jeremy Kielstra

Stephen Kirkham

Dan Knox

Robin Kooymans

Mary-Joan Lafferty

Spencer Lyman

Sean Magee

Bridget McLeod 

Nikita Morozov

Landon Peters

Kim Poitras

Isabelle Robidas

Jerome Rondeau

Alison Ryan

Robyn Scott

Craig Smith

Travis Stewart

Gillian Waugh

Alycia Wilson

Educational Assistants

Dominique Bennett

Dale Bouchard

Jan Byrne

Crystal Catholique

Jade Johnston

Carrie Lauder

Carina Lee

Mindee Naismith

Lea O'Keefe

Stephen Offredi

Logan Shupe

Brianna Tremblay

Kaitlyn Wiseman

Millie Marsh

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