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About YK1

Located in the heart of the city, Yellowknife Education District No.1 (YK1) is the NWT's premiere education district. Since 1939, YK1 has provided quality education to Northern students and today the district continues to ensure all students receive the best possible educational programs, experiences and opportunities. YK1 operates six schools and provides contract superintendency services to the nearby First Nations schools of Ndilo and Dettah. Conveniently located in neighborhoods throughout the community, you'll find a YK1 school close to home in all residential areas.

YK1 combines quality education, real-world experience and community connections to offer students the highest caliber of education possible. YK1 students learn in facilities that are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are taught by experienced, dedicated teachers. Being the home of Yellowknife's first school, YK1’s rich history includes being the longest-operating school board in the Northwest Territories. From these humble beginnings, YK1 has also become the NWT’s largest school district. Today, growth continues, as does the YK1 legacy of providing all students with quality education, dynamic learning opportunities and numerous educational experiences. In partnership with family and community, YK1's mission is to provide all students with the education required for a life of learning. Towards this end, the YK1 team works to motivate and inspire students and help them to develop a solid foundation and a vast repertoire of skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes. Equipped with these essentials, YK1 students are well-prepared for the world of opportunity beyond the classroom.

To help guide decision-making and provide direction to district administration, the YK1 Board of Trustees developed four strategic directions. The YK1 Strategic Plan is available for public viewing and identifies the Board's top four priorities. YK1 has much to offer and is eager to share a world of opportunity with all students. From the wide range of diverse and dynamic educational opportunities, to numerous unique and varied learning experiences, professional educators and safe and caring school environments, YK1 is here to open doors to a positive future. You are invited to browse this site and have a more detailed look at YK1 's offerings. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to stop by the district office for more information or visit a school and ask the principal to arrange a guided tour. YK1 is dedicated to providing students with the best possible opportunities and educating for life!

YK1 School Brochures

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