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Parent Advisory Committees

Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) are made up of volunteers from the local school community who meet monthly to discuss various issues and plan ways to support schools as they pursue individual goals, projects and initiatives. Numerous fundraising efforts and support for programs, events and activities are made possible through these school-based committees. At YK1, each PAC has the support of its own Trustee, who is assigned to act as the Board’s representative. Trustees attend monthly PAC meetings and report back to the Board on local activities and progress. YK1's Superintendent meets with PAC Chairpersons on at least an annual basis. 

Nearby community schools Kaw Tay Whee School and K’àlemì Dene School choose to contract superintendency services from YK1. Given this organizational structure, YK1 Trustees are not assigned to act as Board representatives at these monthly meetings. Kaw Tay Whee, which falls under the Dettah District Education Authority, and K’àlemì Dene School, which falls under the Ndilo District Education Authority, both have their own publicly-elected Board of Trustees with similar powers and responsibilities to YK1 Trustees.

Solving School Concerns

2021-2022 Board of Trustee PAC Representatives

École J.H. Sissons: Trevor Sinclair
N.J. Macpherson School: 
Tina Drew
Range Lake North School: 
Carla Kinakin
Mildred Hall School: 
Al McDonald
École William McDonald Middle School: 
David Wasylciw
École Sir John Franklin High School: 
Doreen Cleary

2021-2022 PAC Notes

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