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Staff Spotlight: Cathy Modeste-Short


Cathy Modeste-Short - Mildred Hall School

What an honour to recognize Cathy Modeste-Short, who has been an education assistant at Mildred Hall School for 17 years. Ask any staff and their unanimous response is that it is a privilege and honour to be working beside Cathy. She takes pride in all that she does and always puts others before herself. She builds relationships through kindness and exudes compassion for children. Cathy will always speak her truth and share her experiences and traditional knowledge with children to pass on her teachings. Cathy shines when working with children who need a little more care, and offers them a safe place to learn. Cathy is always willing to lend a hand throughout the school and feels that celebrating students is important through her creative monthly birthday board. Cathy’s teachings continue on through the lives that she has touched over the years. She will forever be a teacher, a mentor, and a member of our school family. Thank you for everything you do, Cathy!

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