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Staff Spotlight: Sharon Hildebrandt

Sharon Hildebrandt

Sharon Hildebrandt: Mildred Hall School

Ms. Sharon has been working at Mildred Hall School for the past four years as head of our food and nutrition program. She is kind, caring, patient and always has a friendly smile for both students and staff alike. Ms. Sharon believes that learning comes first by nurturing the whole child. She cares for students by making sure we always have hot, healthy, and delicious meals to eat daily. Ms. Sharon plans for student’s nutrition, prepares lunches, breakfasts, and healthy snacks. Students and staff look forward to walking into school everyday and being surrounded by all of the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, having fun guessing what yummy meal Ms. Sharon is busy preparing for us. Ms. Sharon always goes above and beyond to prepare special smoothies and treats for individual classrooms making everyone feel special and cared for. She works with students, allowing them to help and be part of the process, encouraging them, and building their confidence and capacity as well as developing important kitchen skills. We are extremely lucky to have Ms. Sharon as part of the school community. Mahsi cho for everything you do!

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