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Student of the Week: Annie Godreau

Annie Godreau

Annie Godreau: École William McDonald Middle School

Annie Godreau moved to Yellowknife this summer. She is a positive teenager and a highlight for our school. Annie is an exemplary Grade 8 student, she is very respectful, and responsible. Annie is always smiling and kind to everyone. Annie likes to spread kindness, and she is not afraid to take her own time to better someone's day with kind comments or even by taking a detour in your classroom or the office just to tell you to have a good day. Academically, Annie is a very dedicated student,. She always comes to class prepared to learn. Annie works hard and takes risks in class to show her maximum potential. Annie, we are very pleased to have you in our school. You are a great addition to our William McDonald family. Keep spreading the good positive vibes and being a role model for everyone around you!

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